Updated: October 2022
Bruce Hantover's web page

Bruce (aka: Ben Seattle) in 1999

Quick update from October 2022:

I am now retired, and feel like I have time to be a human being. Here are some links to what I have been up to (as Ben Seattle) in recent years:

My recent article: "Long Time Coming: The Second Sino-American War" (August 2022) was published in Counterpunch (where the radical edge of liberalism meets the liberal edge of radicalism). Unfortunately, Counterpunch put my article behind their paywall, where fewer people will be able to read it. But you can download the PDF for free from here.

I retired in March 2022. Here is the goodbye letter I wrote to my team, which gives quick reviews of books, cable shows and political movies that I recommend.

Here are links to two YouTube videos I created:
Our Brains are divided because the Universe is divided
(how brain lateralization works, 10 minutes, 2019) and
The Century of Information War: The tweet is mightier than the bone saw (my first video, a little slow at 25 minutes, on political topics, 2018)

Here is a link to an essay I wrote: Democratic Algorithms for the Proletarian Mind (June 2020) about the principles that will guide the democratic social media platforms in our future.

Here is a "spec" (ie: a written description of how software will run)
for a hobby project of mine: a simulation of an ecosystem with plants
and evolving animals that behave on the basis of neural networks:
Simulation - grass, rabbits and foxes

Here are some downloads (right-click and select "Save link as"):

  • Audio file of James Nestor's Breath
          (breathing as the key to health, 7 hours, 117 MB)

  • Free download of The Young Karl Marx (2017). I have watched this movie six times. This movie teaches more about the real Marx and his ideas that 90 percent of the so-called "marxist" groups do in all of their work.

    Graphics (from the above) (click to see fullsize)


  • (below is content from my 2007 update)

    Some photos I like

    mechanical slave (Burning Man)


    liquid sculpture


    Whirlpool galaxy


    From my trip to India


    The woman of my dreams

    Heather Wright (1958 - 2009)